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The Charter of Social Rights requires the withdrawal of the new RGI project promoted by the Basque Government

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In a concentration before the headquarters of the Executive in Bilbao, they have denounced that the amount of the RGI does not cover “the loss of purchasing power” and advocate that the debate focus on how to build a social system so that people can live with dignity ” in Euskadi.

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskal Herriko Eskubide Sozialen Kartak DSBE proiektu berria bertan behera utz dezan eskatu dio Jaurlaritzari

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The trade union and social organizations of the Charter of Social Rights of Euskal Herria gathered this Tuesday before the Basque Government in Bilbao with the motto “Against poverty, distribution of wealth. No to this RGI” to demand the withdrawal of the new project of the RGI and ask that “the cuts” that have been applied with respect to the 2008 law since 2012 cease.

During the rally, the demonstrators criticized the “false propaganda” that the Basque Government is making around its project for the new RGI Law because, with the cuts that have been applied for ten years, the project sets an amount of the RGI for 2023 of 737.44 euros, “somewhat more than in 2022”, but that will not cover the accumulated “loss of purchasing power”.

As they have calculated in this sense, a pensioner in Euskadi cobra currently €727.41, when should I charge 1026 euros “if the 2008 law were really applied”.

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In addition, the organizations and movements that make up the Charter of Social Rights have denounced the idea of ​​the disappearance of the complementary housing benefit and they have demanded “the cessation of criminalization measures, since they only feed the discourse and xenophobia of the extreme right”.

During a rally at the headquarters of the Basque Government in the Biscayan capital, they recalled that the Charter already states that, given the current situation of poverty, “there is a need for a real debate about how to build a social system so that people can live with dignity” in Euskadi.

In this sense, they have ensured that the debate on the income guarantee system must be framed within this general framework to avoid a model that makes the situation chronic and unsustainable.

For all these reasons, the organizations that make up the Charter of Social Rights of Euskal Herria have demanded, in addition to the withdrawal of the RGI project, the approval of the measures contemplated in the Popular Legislative Initiative against Poverty and Social Exclusion of the Social Charter and open “a true social and participatory debate” on the protection system.

Source: Eitb

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