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Production Commission still does not approve the new fishing law

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Yesterday the Production Commission met to debate and vote for the prediction proposed by the General Fisheries Law; however, congressman José Jerí Oré (Somos Perú) raised a previous question that was approved by a majority.

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“They are trying to delay this project because I finished my administration in this legislature, so the proposal could remain frozen,” Jaime Quito, president of the commission, told La República.

Unlike the first call, this time all the congressmen appeared and the majority took the floor to express themselves on the proposal that seeks to establish the regulatory framework for fishing activity in order to ensure the sustainable use of marine resources as a source of food security, employment and income, in harmony with the conservation of biodiversity.

Taking the floor, Congressman Jerí pointed out that private investment, which is what is focused on industrial vessels, are sources of work and their taxes allow the closing of gaps, so they must be “very careful” with the preparation of such an important law so as not to affect collection; Added to this is the absence of an opinion from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) on the proposal.

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“With the aim of having a good standard, which better regulates the sector and collects the contributions of the SPDA, Oceana and the SNP, and considering that there is no opinion from the MEF, I request a preliminary question,” he said.

Congresswoman Sigrid Bazán spoke out against waiting for the opinion of the MEF. “We cannot be behind each government and as Congress stop advancing, many projects reach the Plenary without having the requested opinions because it is known that there is an urgency”, she limited; however, she was surprised that at the time of the vote the congresswoman abstained.

Quito affirmed that it will request the opinion of the MEF for the fourth time, and that they hope to approve the prediction before the legislature ends on Friday, July 8, and thus ensure that the proposal reaches the Plenary.

Source: Larepublica

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