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New Talara Refinery will operate at 100% in June

New Talara Refinery will operate at 100% in June

The New Talara Refinery (NRT) has all the permits to start its operations, which has been taking place successfully, said the chairman of the board of Petroperu, Carlos Vives Suarez. Thus, in approximately three months it would be working at 100%.

“So far, everything has been surmountable within the stipulated deadlines, with the expectation that between May and June the plant will operate at 100%,” Vives said during a conference with members of the Association of Foreign Press in Peru (APEP).

Likewise, the first days of March began with the start-up of the conversion units and the deep conversion units will continue. Similarly, between June and October, comprehensive guarantee tests will be carried out at 100% load of the entire refining complex, with the participation of the licensing companies and contractors (Técnicas Reunidas and Cobra).

It is also estimated that this year the NRT will grant Petroperú US$500 million in EBIDTA, according to Cristina Fung, general manager of the state company.

schedule continues

Heavy rains were recorded in the city of Talara (Piura), reaching the NRT facilities. In this regard, Petroperú reported that no damage has been generated that affects the dates already established for the full start of operations.

In this sense, the flooding reported at the plant, which obstructed the ducts in the main channel, It has already been controlled by the staff of the state company.

Source: Larepublica

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