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Egg price increases to S/22 per box in Arequipa

Egg price increases to S/22 per box in Arequipa

The price of the egg practically doubled its price. Likewise, the value of chicken meat continues to increase in the markets.

With information from Leonela Aquino/URPI-LR

The price of the egg increased significantly in the markets of the commercial platform Andres Avelino Caceres of Arequipa. According to the president of the defense front of the aforementioned supply center, Jhazmani Cayo, The plate of this poultry product was recently offered between S/13 and S/14; however, it now costs between S/21 and S/22.

“The bag was between 13 and 14 soles, now it is 22 soles. In other words, gentlemen, the costs are abysmal,” said the leader.

Chicken price remains high

On the other hand, Jhazmani Cayo, who is also a poultry products trader, announced that the price of chicken meat keeps its value high. It refers that The kilo of said product is offered between S/11.50 and S/11.80. In addition, Cayo indicates that the cost of this product remains “very high.” In this sense, he said that he will convene his colleagues from the different markets of the platform he represents in an assembly and they will agree on a measure to seek to reduce the value of the meat product.

 Precio del pollo continúa elevado en mercados de Arequipa. Foto: Leonela Aquino/URPI-LR

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Chicken price continues to be high in Arequipa markets. Photo: Leonela Aquino/URPI-LR

Why did the chicken product increase?

Cayo maintains that the price of chicken meat increased due to the social situation facing the country. He indicates that the roadblocks that are registered on the border with the neighboring country of Bolivia, in Fist, They made the carriers that import chicken feed take alternate routes to reach Peru. Consequently, there is an increase in freight and this affects the prices of the products.

However, he assured that pork meat, an animal that eats the same food as chicken, decreased its cost in the Arequipa market. Therefore, he announced that they will consult the companies rich chicken and Saint Ferdinand, which are the main distributors of chicken in Arequipa, so that they inform why the chicken still does not lower its value.

Source: Larepublica

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