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Start-up: how to start your own company in Peru?

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The start-up Peruvian companies have increased their investments in the last year. According to a report from the Peruvian Association of Seed and Entrepreneurial Capital (PECAP)they have received around US$ 124 million during 2021, a figure that triples the financing that there was in 2020 and even in pre-pandemic times.

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Along these lines, check out some recommendations provided by Camila Benzaquen and Brian Hemmerde, founders of the general wellness startup Mente Bonita.


What are the keys to being able to start a start-up?

  • You must identify your business idea. Entrepreneurs recommend that people who want to carry out their business ask themselves why and what they are doing it for. “As a result of the pandemic, rates of anxiety and depression increased. Several people were unaware that their physical symptoms were related to a deficit in their mental health, “they indicated.
  • Conduct a market study. “To undertake, it is necessary to have a multidisciplinary team. In our case, Brian complements from his knowledge as a professional in administration, just as I work from my specialty as a clinical psychologist. This facilitated this market research process, as well as the entire creation of the business”, said Camila Benzaquen.
  • Think and establish a value proposition. Entrepreneurs highlight the importance of future entrepreneurs always taking into account the purpose of their project. “There will be times when you want to retire, and for this you must always remember your purpose: why am I betting on this business?”, they affirmed.
  • It is advisable work with a start-up accelerator. In this regard, the entrepreneurs indicated that their company grew by working with Start UPC, an accelerator that allowed them to promote the first phases of their business. “Currently, there are a variety of institutions that offer mentoring and advice, and even seed capital so that the business can start in the most effective way possible. It is enough to look for information on calls and go with the business idea. There are no impossible”, they indicated.
  • Test the business model. Experts recommend testing the business model before risking time and money on other inputs. In addition, they comment that many of them make the mistake of investing without perfecting their businesses.
  • Look for sources of financing. The founders of the general wellness startup Mente Bonita suggest that if the business is solid and bearing fruit, entrepreneurs can look to external financing options. “They can even search for startup contests. Recently, we joined Start-Up Chile with the aim of financing our expansion into the Chilean country”, they concluded.

Source: Larepublica

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