Since the pandemic, in 2020, electronic commerce in Ecuador has not stopped growing at an average of between 5% and 10% per year, according to estimates shared by Miguel Ángel González, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil (CCG).

According to the estimates of the promoting union e-commerce in the country for ten years with an event called Cyber ​​Monday, 2022 could close with a sell-out on the line for 4 billion dollars, although there are no official figures yet.

With e-commerce growing, Ecuador plans to end 2022 with at least $4 billion in online sales

However, despite the great development that this segment has experienced, González recognized that it is still very low compared to the electronic commerce that drives the rest of the countries in the region; and that Ecuador would currently represent less than 2.5% of total trade on the line of Latin America.

“If we analyze how the trade is on the line here we are still far below what it should be, we have a very small percentage of the population that buys on the line and a large percentage who still don’t; and if we compare it with other countries in the region, we are also far below it”, complained González, who emphasized that mechanisms must be found to promote e-commerce, and one of them market, It was published by the Guild this Tuesday, April 28th.

The President of the Chamber was in charge of leading the launch of this new tool on the line which is free for members of the Chamber, but has a cost for companies that are not members. González assured that the creation of his own market was the next step, the logical consequence, of the great performance of that sale on the line experienced in the country.

The portal already works and integrates hundreds of products of almost a hundred companies. Photo: Taken from

The site is working and had a trial period in which details such as payment methods and logistics, which the Chamber is in charge of, from the moment of picking up the product in the store to delivery to the address of the customer, large companies, family businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs, were refined.

“ had a time of testing, it is a normal process that is followed in this initiative so that the payments work perfectly well, the logistics company must be perfectly well connected with the supplier, with the Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, with the platform ; So there was a process with the big companies that are already in the digital world in this way and that helped to carry out these tests,” said González, who added that after noticing that they had reached a level of perfection, they decided to launch the product.

Currently, the list includes almost a hundred stores that are part of the Chamber’s 10,000 active members. Among some of the main ones, for example, Dipaso, Estuardo Sánchez, Antonio Pino Ycaza, Tienda Tec, Colchones Simons, among others.

Andrés Florencia, head of Estuardo Sánchez’s Onmicanal, admitted that in the company’s case, the pandemic “prompted” it to start selling through the channel on the line but after that he recognized that they started to realize that their customers demanded more innovation in their service, so the company launched a new version of its channel eight months ago on the line.

To make the offer more professional, among the challenges of 2023 for e-commerce in Ecuador

“From that moment, we started looking for new channels, new sales opportunities so that we wouldn’t stay only within our type of consumer, that’s when this extraordinary idea like was born, where we as a trade really open our range, and not only for our customers. .. but it allows us to open up to a new segment of consumers who suddenly don’t have us on their radar,” said Florencia.

For her part, Tahiry Roha, Colchones Simmons Ecommerce Coordinator, recalled that after the inauguration of her department e-commerce The company continued to innovate and joined the platform e-commerce world class that generated a 43% increase in sales; and they also designed a perfect guarantee service that offered 30 trial nights on mattresses, which also increased their sales even more, by 55%; and now is joining.