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Chicken cost does not decrease in markets: what is its price and why did it increase?

Chicken cost does not decrease in markets: what is its price and why did it increase?

The basic necessity product has maintained its high price for 3 months. The representative of the Defense Front of the Avelino Cáceres de Arequipa commercial platform explains the reason for its rise.

With information from Wilder Pari/ URPI-LR

The price of chicken continues high in the markets of Arequipa and at the national level. According to the representative of the Defense Front of the commercial platform Andrés Avellino Cáceres from Ciudad Blanca, Jhazmani Cay, the product increased its cost due to the blockade of roads that is registered in the Puno regionon the border with the neighboring country of Bolivia.

“We import food from Bolivia. From there we import hybrid corn and soybeans, which brings us protein for animals, both poultry and pigs, and even beef (for cattle). The price of chicken has risen for almost three months, we thought it was going to drop, but since Puno, a region consistent with his thoughts, the border has not reopened yet, ”he indicates.

According to the representative and also a poultry product trader, despite the blockade of roads by protesters demanding the resignation of Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress in the highland region, chicken producers continue to import feed from Bolivia for the animals, but for other reasons alternate routes; Nonetheless It would demand a higher cost in transport freight and consequently this falls on the rise in the price of the basic necessity product.

How much is the chicken?

The kilo of chicken meat in the commercial platform Andrés Avelino Cáceres de Arequipa it is quoted between S/11 and S/11.50. According to Cayo, the product used to raise its price before, but it only reached up to S/8.50. “The rise is nationwide. We saw that in Lima the kilo is S / 12 ”, he specifies.

Will the price of chicken decrease when the political crisis calms down?

Cayo affirms that 90% of birds in Arequipa They are sold by the companies Rico Pollo and San Fernando. Therefore, to a large extent, it would depend on these distributors to reduce the cost of meat food.

Source: Larepublica

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