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Workers await a new meeting of the National Labor Council in December

By: Esteban Salazar H. and Cristina Alvarado

The first reinstatement session of the 2021-2026 period of the Plenary of the National Labor and Employment Promotion Council (CNTPE) ended without further debate on key issues on the workers’ agenda, such as perfect suspension, collective bargaining and, of course, a eventual increase in the minimum living wage (RMV). Although foreseeable, the situation raised concern among unions, which are now asking for another meeting in three weeks.

“We have not been satisfied because, in principle, the signing of the declaration of commitments that we carry, both for the Government and the business community, did not materialize. Normally, the CNT meets once a month; we hope that the next one will be the first days of December, “he said. Julio Cesar Bazán, President of the Central Unitary of Workers of Peru (CUT).

The Minister of Labor, Betssy Chávez, made it clear for her part that the new formula of the minimum wage and quotas for people with different abilities will be a priority in future meetings of the CNTPE, reactivated after five years.

“I am committed to complying with fundamental labor rights; access to a fair income proportional to the effort made; and work without any kind of discrimination, mainly gender ”, said the minister.

Business call

From the business side, beyond the consensus about not raising, for the moment, the RMV, there was an encouragement to find coincidences in the agenda. For Peter Anders, president of the CCL, the problem is how to measure productivity, since a formula has been tried that, in your opinion, is not yet clear.

“This is going to be the first topic to discuss. Both the Government, unions and workers have to reach an agreement, but if they do not arrive, the Executive is the one who takes the initiative ”, he stressed.

While, Oscar Caipo, president of Confiep, pointed out that responsible and sustainable public policies are needed to reactivate the economy with employment and to help more than 10 million families excluded from the system move to formality with social protection.

Similar position had Jorge Zapata, president of Capeco, who welcomed the resumption of the CNT meetings and considered it imperative to join forces to formalize the labor market.

“It is important that all proposals in the workplace come out by consensus. There was a space to make our concern clear. We now hope that the president’s message will be constant ”, he stressed.


Pedro Castillo, President of Peru

“Through you I make a call to companies to invest in Peru. Here they have a government that will guarantee legal personality and guarantees for all entrepreneurs ”.

Óscar Caipo, president of Confiep

“We welcome the resumption of this space, which is extremely important to strengthen the dialogue and consensus that the country needs. Companies and workers form a binomial of economic and human capital ”.



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