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Arequipa: second fertiabono will benefit 1,400 farmers

Arequipa: second fertiabono will benefit 1,400 farmers

Exit. Government will no longer buy urea and will continue with financial support for agricultural producers to purchase fertilizers on their own. Bonus goes from S/ 389 to S/ 7447.

From the Ministry of Agrarian Development (Midagri) the position of the central government was ratified do not buy urea from abroador to support farmers in the face of the high price of fertilizer. The entity will now focus on continuing to provide financial support to producers so that they can buy the fertilizer.

During her visit to Arequipa, the Minister of Midagri, Nelly Paredes, said that the second stage of the fertiabonothat in the Arequipa region will benefit 1,400 farmerss (in the first stage it reached 5,000). The subsidy is S/ 389 for producers with up to 0.5 cultivated hectares and S/ 7447 for a maximum of 10 hectares.

As recalled, the tenders to acquire urea were frustrated up to four times during the government of Pedro Castillo, during 2022.

Use of guano

About alternative fertilizers like island guano, the executive director of rural agricultureMirbel Epiquién, said that its extraction will drop drastically for the 2024 campaign, due to the avian flu, the populations of guano birds, such as the pelican, were decimated.

However, Epiquién maintained that island guano covers a minimal part of the national demand for fertilizers. It is aimed above all at producers of fruit in valleys, coffee and potatoes.

water projects

Midagri officials arrived in Arequipa to meet with mayors of the region, to coordinate the implementation of projects. Epiquién maintained that a priority is to face water stress.

In this regard, he mentioned that this year Agro Rural will recover 1300 hectares of Andean grasslands, in the districts of Orcopampa (Castilla), Callali, Tuti and Coporaque (Caylloma). He indicated that during 2022 in the same jurisdictions, another 600 hectares were also recovered. It is also planned to build 9 ponds and 9 reservoirs.

For his part, the head of the Caplina Ocoña Water Administrative Authority, Ronald Fernández, reported that the accumulated capacity of the dams in the rainy season reached 230 cubic hectometres (hm3), 55% of the total capacity. Fernández affirmed that said volume already ensures the 2023 water campaign.

They planted 13 thousand trees in Polobaya

Midagri officials planted 13,000 pine trees yesterday in Polobaya, in an area that was affected last year by a forest fire. District authorities participated in the reforestation activity, as well as agricultural associations from Polobaya.

At another time, Minister Paredes said that the effects caused by the delay in rains, which hit the southern mountains between October and December in a special way, are still being evaluated.

In this regard, the head of the Administrative Water Authority (AAA) Caplina Ocoña, Ronald Fernández, remarked that the delay in rainfall affected the Andean grasslands. He suggested that, given the change in rainfall behavior, new dams be built.

Source: Larepublica

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