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Social crisis altered purchases in 9 out of 10 Peruvian households

Social crisis altered purchases in 9 out of 10 Peruvian households

79% of citizens say that products are more expensive than before as a result of the protests that began two months ago.

The outbreak of the sociopolitical crisis in December of last year has had an impact on the indicators of national production, and therefore, on the final consumer.

According to the Kantar Division Worldpanel, 88% of the households surveyed, that is, 9 out of 10, assured that their purchases were affected by the situation.

“Economic uncertainty, among other factors that worry families, propitiate changes in consumption behavior in the
short term”, said Mauricio Cheng Matsuno, Country Manager of Kantar.

Likewise, 79% of citizens recognize that products are currently more expensive than before, and 49%, that the shortage of fresh products persists.

While 24% had to change their usual place of purchases, and 23% migrated to another brand.

By levels, the perception of the cost of products skyrockets in segment E up to 85%. And, by region, in the center and south, 83% of households say they feel affected by the rise in prices.

On the other side of the coin, only 12% of Peruvian households surveyed have not been affected in their purchases.

Source: Larepublica

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