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Northern macroregion leads recovery for agriculture and mining

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Even without official figures for the first half of the year, economic actors attribute the best performance outside of Lima to the northern macro-region to date. Thus, the National Society of Industries (SNI) and Perúcamaras relate this good result, mainly, to the agro-export and mining performance.

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In the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Piura, the north is weighted with greater progress in terms of regional economic activity due to the agro-industrial impact: harvests and shipments of mango, avocados, grapes and blueberries in February and March. In addition, there is less mining conflict than in the south. The production of copper and zinc in Áncash (Antamina) and gold in Cajamarca (Yanacocha) and La Libertad (Poderosa) stand out, according to the BEM.

However, for Javier Bereche, president of the Chamber, there are slowdown factors such as the fertilizer crisis, freight increases, slow arrival of new capital and the lapse of adaptation to the new work models in the field.

“The COVID-19 It gave us the opportunity to sell more fruits and vegetables to the world, we are growing at a rate of 15%, but all the outflow for fertilizers, transport and cargo to the sector cause us to start operating at a loss,” he says.

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Another point that had supported this growth, but that they now see with fear, is the progress of public works, which, in the north, basically depends on the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC), in addition to Mivivienda Fund programs. and road paving. According to Bereche, Amalia Moreno’s replacement there has meant the paralysis of key projects.

Mypes and services

Leandro Mariátegui, head of the SNI Decentralization Commission, points out that employability in the north is also advancing.

In Lambayeque, he points out that this index has risen so much that it is difficult to find unskilled labor, while the employment ratios in La Libertad are “at the level of Ica”, with a strong rebound in planted hectares that attracts the labor supply of Cajamarca , in addition to a revitalized fishing industry.

Regarding Services and Tourism, Mariátegui recognizes that, although the expected amount was not achieved, the levels have been much better -almost on a par with Manufacturing-, in the first semester, especially on the beaches of Piura and Tumbes.

What Perucamaras and SNI agree on is the slow recovery of the mypes sector, the closest to ordinary citizens: the wheel of consumption has weighed down 15%, while inputs have risen 9%. In total, 24% impact on microenterprises, which is why they ask for targeted rescue measures.

Mypes ask for more help to be able to cope with their delicate economic situation. Photo: diffusion

Precisely, the economist from the University of Piura (UDEP) Guillermo Dulanto refers that, even though more sectors -such as construction- have shown clear improvements compared to 2021, the price situation for external factors it could cause that in the north the reactivation is not felt.

“Inflation means that the citizen does not feel it, but if we look at the figures objectively, we are better than before”, clarify.

A fixed north for recovery

According to the National Society of Industries (SNI), the main agro-export products in the northern macro-region are asparagus, avocado, citrus and grapes.

As for mining, the north concentrates 45% of national projects, with a contribution to the treasury of US$ 25,927 million.

The industrial sector in the northern macro-region contributes 17.7% of the national GDP, only behind Lima, which occupies 45.1%.


Javier Berreche, president of the Chamber of Piura

“In agriculture we don’t have demand problems, but the cost of fertilizers is an issue to attack, since it affects the entire chain. We compete in the region with countries that have taken measures.”

Guillermo Dulanto, UDEP economist

“The Government has made a great effort, with a MEF and BCRP that are handled professionally and measures to have lower inflation than other countries, but speculation can erode it”.

North Macroregion: agro-industrial development and mining 2022

Infographic – The Republic

Infographic – The Republic

Infographic – The Republic

Infographic – The Republic

Infographic – The Republic

Source: Larepublica

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