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No domestic gas!  Citizens got up early to get bottled LPG in Cusco

No domestic gas! Citizens got up early to get bottled LPG in Cusco

Chaotic. This Monday the 30th, there are huge queues outside the Angostura. Citizens denounced that small distributors were increasing the price of the domestic ball.

With information from Luis Álvarez/URPI-LR

At the gas plant in the sector of Angostura, located on the border of the districts St Geronimo and Saylla, Hundreds of citizens got up early to get LPG packaging in Cusco.

This Monday, January 30, there are huge queues outside the well-known plant. People go to the place that is 45 minutes from the center of the imperial city to be able to buy domestic gas that is in short supply due to the blockades caused by the protests against the Government of Dina Boluarte.

In addition, citizens denounced that small distributors in the city were increasing the price of the domestic ball, where it would be sold between S/80 and S/120. For this reason, people go to the plant where they can buy the item at S/50 or S/55, according to reports.

According to personnel from the gas plant, they will not provide attention because the vehicles that transport the resource are stranded on the highway, near Anta.

There was a lot of discontent in the population that outside the bottling plant formed a long queue next to their gas cylinders placed one after the other. The citizens say that they wait since 3.00 am for gas. Now they will have to return without the resource.

A citizen reported that some clandestine deposits are hoarding gas to inflate prices and that the authorities should verify this situation.

On the other hand, a lady asked Dina Boluarte to leave office. “It’s not fair, so many deaths, what else does she want, of course, since her son or her family doesn’t die, she’s calm; while so many people cry for their loved ones who have died, I don’t know if that lady will have a heart,” she said through of the chambers of the Republic.

Source: Larepublica

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