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Government directs S / 1,100 million for the reactivation of agriculture

Government directs S / 1,100 million for the reactivation of agriculture

As part of the Con Punche Peru plan, S/1,100 million will be allocated to carry out irrigation infrastructure works nationwide.

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Nelly Paredes, indicated that resources of S/1,100 million have been allocated to promote the reactivation of the agricultural activity of small producers, through the Con Punche Peru program, as stated in the town of ravine. In the meeting, he explained that, of that amount, S/800 million have been enabled to promote the execution of irrigation infrastructure works nationwide.

“We are working to repair canals and intakes, as well as lining (canals), and launch other smaller irrigation projects,” he said.

In the same way, the head of Midagri announced that irrigation projects will be promoted in favor of small rural producers, such as the construction of qochas (reservoirs), planting and harvesting water, infiltration ditches and reforestation work in the upper parts. of the basins.
The minister confirmed that the priority at the head of the ministry is the management of water resources in agricultural activities in the country.

When addressing the irrigation projects in this part of Lima provinces, the head of Midagri announced that in the case of Barranca, the rehabilitation of the El Pueblo intake is already underway, with an investment of S/71,000, as well as the execution of the rehabilitation of the catchment and Huanca Alta canal in the district of Paramonga will soon begin.

He also indicated that the transitional government and Midagri will develop, in the next 18 months, a series of actions to put agricultural projects on track in close coordination and articulation with regional governments, mayors and representative organizations, such as Irrigation boards and commissions.

Source: Larepublica

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