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Why are there no women in the construction sector?

What are the factors that continue to operate today so that women continue without access to this sector? A study on the absence of women in jobs on the construction site answers these and other questions.

Euskaraz irakurri: Zergatik ez dago emakumerik eraikuntzan?

A study on the absence of women in constructionthe most masculinized sector of the labor market, and winner of the Emakunde publications contest, uncovers the false beliefs and barriers associated with work on site.

This research, entitled “Women on the job site”, draws on real testimonials of various women in the sector to learn about the real situation and inquire about the reasons for this lack of women.

Building. Photo: Pixabay.

According to this study, construction is a niche market that systematically closes the door to women for the fact that it is, at the same time that it acts as a fortress of a masculine subculture that protects itself from intrusion and feeds back the prevailing hegemonic masculinity in the sector.

Construction and especially jobs on site, are today the most masculinized sector and in which there is less evolution or trend towards a presence more balanced between men and women.

The presence of women in the work, still to this day, causes confusion that can often lead to resistance, non-acceptance, questioning, disqualification, harassment, and in the worst case, bullying.


Source: “Women on the job site”.

The study concludes that a significant change in image and inertia is necessary to attract and retain women in construction, a sector that suffers from a serious labor problem.

Likewise, it ensures that facilitating the entry of women to jobs on the construction site would help to dismantle stereotypes and with this to work and bet firmly on a labor market without gender biases, to reduce occupational segregation and to bet on a more fair and equal.

A woman at work.  Photo: Pixabay.

A woman at work. Photo: Pixabay.

Source: Eitb


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