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The retirement pensions of the CAV will rise 131.36 euros on average

After the 8.5% increase approved by the Government of Spain, the average retirement pension will be 1,676.68 euros, the highest in the State. Taking all pensions into account, the average will be 1474.44 euros.

Euskaraz irakurri: EAEko erretiro pentsioak 131.36 euro igoko dira batez beste

Retired people from the Basque Autonomous Community will receive on average from the next payroll 1676.68 euros per month, 131.36 euros more that this year. After the 8.5% increase approved by the Council of Ministers on December 27 —calculated with inflation—, the recipients of this type of pension will receive 1,839 euros more per year, that is, “an extra monthly payment or fifteen monthly payments per year”, in the words of Denis Itxaso.

According to data from the Delegation of the Spanish Government in the CAV, the Basque pension will continue to be the highest in the State. The Spanish average is 1368 euros per month.

In 2023, the highest pensions will be in Bizkaia (1,710 euros), followed by Álava (1,693 euros) and Gipuzkoa (1,622 euros). Since 2018, pensions have been revalued by 308.57, and the highest increase is in 2023.

The rest of the pensions will also rise in the same proportion, except for non-contributory retirement and disability pensions and the IMV, which will do so by 15%.

The delegate of the Spanish Government has celebrated that the purchasing power of retired people can be maintained while the system’s accounts are strengthened. “The Government has adopted measures to protect and improve the quality of employment, such as the labor reform, which are improving the income of the system and advancing towards budgetary balance. More measures have also been adopted, such as the assumption by the Budget of the expenses that must not be financed by Social Security”, Itxaso said.

Source: Eitb


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