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LAB denounces that occupational accidents are increasing and occupational health is regressing

LAB denounces that occupational accidents are increasing and occupational health is regressing

According to the data offered, in 2002, 65 people died in the Basque Country while working. Likewise, they have calculated that deaths from occupational diseases amount to 276.

Euskaraz irakurri: Lan osasunean atzera egin dela eta lan-istripuek gora egin dutela salatu du LAB sindikatuak

The union LAB has presented today the Report on occupational accidents in 2022 that you have elaborated In the presentation, they denounced that occupational health has declined in the Basque Country, while accidents at work have increased. The general coordinator Garbiñe Aranburu has stated that “this situation is directly related to the eco-social crisis and the precariousness of living conditions.”

The first conclusion presented by the report they have presented is on accidents at work. The union ensures that, in 2022, the number of them has increased, and “consequently, the number of deaths also increases.” According to the calculations they have made, in Hego Euskal Herria there were nearly 85,000 accidents at work (adding fatal, serious, minor and those that did not cause sick leave).

Focusing attention on fatal accidents, according to the data explained in the report, 65 people lost their lives at their jobs in the Basque Country and four more while working abroad. The union details that these figures have increased “considerably” since 2014: from 39 to 69.

Regarding sectors, in LAB’s opinion, the forestry sector is proportionally the deadliest in our environment. The report ensures that 4 of the 1,000 people who were discharged in this sector in 2002 died. Therefore, LAB concludes that this sector is “15 times more lethal than the construction sector, second in the classification.” Industry and transport are also classified as critical sectors.

Beyond the accidents, the union has focused on the occupational diseases. LAB has denounced that this “is the biggest scam that occurs in the
world of work”. Mutual societies refer illnesses caused by work to social security and “do not assume their responsibilities for treatment and benefits”.

According to the data detailed in the report presented today, occupational diseases rose to 4,284 in 2022 in Hego Euskal Herria; 2,965 in the BAC and 1,319 in Navarra. The people who died from this type of disease were 276, according to the calculations of the trade union center.

After presenting the data, the general coordinator Garbiñe Aranburu, believes that “the right to occupational health is violated day by day.” She considers it essential to analyze the reasons for work accidents and focus on the causes of occupational diseases. She believes that “avoiding these occupational health losses should be a priority”, but that today “the lives of workers are of less value to employers than their benefits”.

The union has shown his intention to intensify union action to demand effective measures and combat precariousness.

Source: Eitb

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