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Mining projects for 2023 concentrate an investment of US$53,715 million

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) has presented the Portfolio of Mining Investment Projects 2023, which concentrates 47 projects and a joint investment of US$53,715 million, located in 18 regions of the national territory. The entity noted that the document is the updated edition of the 2021 Mine Construction Project Portfolio.

In this line, the General Directorate of Mining Promotion and Sustainability (DGPSM) of Minem, responsible for the document, highlights that the current portfolio registers an increase in mining investment of 1.0% in contrast to the previous edition.

Thus, this slogan the start of operations of a project (US$5,300 million), another three left the portfolio (US$1,233 million), eight were incorporated into the current one (US$5,989 million), eight modified their investment amount (US$10,341 million) and 31 maintain it (US$37,385 million), which represents 69.6% of the global participation.

Regarding the type of mineral to be extracted, The portfolio indicates that there are 27 copper projects (US$38,521 million) that add up to 71.7% of the total investment; six of gold (US$6,993 million), three of iron (US$5,384 million), 10 are of zinc and silver (US$2,368 million) and one of phosphate (US$450 million).

For this year, the portfolio forecasts the start of construction of the Magistral, Corani, Romina and Antamina Replacement projects, the last two being incorporated into this project for the first time, with a joint investment of US$2,947 million, which represents 5.5% of the total economic injection.

Meanwhile, by 2024, the construction of Yanacocha Sulfuros (US$2,500 million) in Cajamarca and Zafranal (US$1,473 million) in Arequipa would begin, with a combined economic injection of US$3,973 million. Whereby, the Projects with start of construction, planned for this year and 2024, contemplate a joint investment of US$6,920 million.

In addition, 37 projects have not yet defined the construction start date because they are in an early stage. This group presents a joint investment of US$44,709 million, which concentrates 83.2% of the total.

Source: Larepublica


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