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These are the ten cities that sell the most in Ecuador

Although the largest cities and provinces are those that register the highest sales, there are other locations that had a greater development of their economic activities reflected in higher growth. For example, Galapagos is the province that grew the most in sales in 2022 with 90% and among the cities it was Esmeraldas with 25%.

This commercial panorama is shown by the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce with data from last November. With this cut, total sales reached $197,338 million, 14% more than from January to November 2021. This report includes the cities that sell the most in Ecuador. These are the top ten:

  1. Quito with $72,927 million and a growth in sales is 15% compared to 2021 and 11% compared to 2019.
  2. Guayaquil with $53,426 million, which represents an increase of 13% and 19% compared to the year before the pandemic.
  3. Cuenca with $8,846 million, which is 11% more based on 2021 and 13% more compared to 2019.
  4. Durán, with $6,574 million, is the one that grows the most compared to the pre-pandemic (47%) and in relation to 2021 it has a growth of 17%.
  5. Rumiñahui with $3,915 million presents a growth of 8% and 9% compared to previous years.
  6. Machala with $3,885 million grows 9% in sales but compared to 2019 the increase is much higher (18%).
  7. Ambato, with $3,522 million, reports a better performance in relation to 2021 with an increase of 17%. Compared to 2019, this is 6%.
  8. Samborondón with $3,467 million also believes in 15% and compared to 2019 even more (33%).
  9. Santo Domingo, with $2,650 million, has an 11% increase in sales compared to 2021 and 16% compared to 2019.
  10. Manta with $2,482 million, 13% more compared to 2021 and 16% more than before the pandemic.

However, Esmeraldas is the one with the highest growth with 25% with sales that reached $1,224 million until November 2022. Montecristi is also among the cities that grew the most with 17% (its sales reach $1,735 million), this Manabí canton has an increase similar to that of Durán and Ambato.

While the level of growth by provinces goes from 2% to 90%. The one that grows the least is Los Ríos and the one with the highest increase is Galapagos, its sales went from $225 million to $426 million. The best sellers are:

  1. Pichincha with $78,750 million
  2. Guayas with $68,765 million
  3. Azuay with $9,313 million
  4. Manabí with $8,048 million
  5. Gold with $6,279 million
  6. Tungurahua with $4,337 million
  7. Los Ríos with $3,141 million
  8. Santo Domingo with $2,815 million
  9. Zamora Chinchipe with $2,229 million
  10. Emeralds with $1,788 million

In the case of Zamora Chinchipe, sales maintain good growth, after taking off in 2021. In this province, before the pandemic, accumulated sales in the eleven months of 2019 were only $313 million and in 2021 they almost increased six-fold upon reaching $1,873, which meant an increase of 613%. Now, with preliminary data for 2022, its sales add up to $2,229 million, which is equivalent to a growth of 19%, according to data from the Commercial Panorama report that uses figures from the Internal Revenue Service (SRI). (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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