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Gas in Cusco: what is the price of a 10-kilo balloon and where are the cheapest ones sold?

One week from the end of January, the price of a ten-kilo gas cylinder ranges from S/37 to S/70, in the Cusco region, according to the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin). The cost offered by each distributor varies and is constantly changing, due to the high demand for bottled liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), after the blockade of roads due to the political crisis.

In this regard, users can access the Facilito application, from Osinergmin, which shows various points of sale by district in order to show where to get the cheapest gas cylinder.

What are the prices of the gas cylinder in the sales premises in Cusco?

In the case of the ten-kilo gas cylinder, the price ranges from S/37 to S/65 in several companies, in the province of Cusco; but, It has the highest cost in the province of La Convención at S/70.

According to the Facilito platform, this resource is offered more economically in the province of Cusco by Multigas, in the San Sebastián district, at S/37. Another Multigas distributor, in the Las Salineras sector, offers it for S/45, and VJ Gas, in Santiago, for S/45.

The cheapest offers in other districts are from Llamagas (San Sebastián), at S/47; Solgas (Santiago Melgar), at S/47; and Lima Gas (Wanchaq), at S/48. Also, Solgas (San Jerónimo), at S/49; Lima Gas (Cusco), at S/50; and Solgas (Poroy), at S/50.

Finally, the establishments with the highest prices are Solgas (Wanchaq), at S/60; and VJ Gas (Saylla) and Z Gas (Wanchaq), at S/ 65.

Source: Larepublica


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