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Business expectations fell in April to three-month lows, according to the BCRP

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The long-term and short-term expectations of businessmen fell in April, in some cases to the lowest of three months ago, during the April consultation period, according to the Survey of Macroeconomic Expectations.

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With that, the month of april ends with five indicators in the optimistic zone, while the other thirteen settled in the pessimistic range (greater than 50 points, that is, a neutral position, means that confidence is in the optimistic section and less than 50 points in the pessimistic section).

The report shows that expectations about the economy they fell to 35 points, compared to 39 the previous month. Meanwhile, twelve-month expectations fell from 47 to 40 points.

The expectations of employers regarding the sector to which they belong also fell from 49 to 44 points in April, over a three-month horizon. For the one-year forecast section, they fell from 55 to 49 points.

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In the case of company situationbusinessmen expressed a deterioration in expectations that was around 48 points for the May-June-July period, compared to the 51 that had been registered in March.

For the recruitmentthe BCR survey reveals a drop in expectations from 50 to 48 points in the short term, while twelve-month expectations reached 50 points, four less than in March.

Finally, the investment expectations of Peruvian entrepreneurs were located in the short term over 45 points, compared to the 49 reported in March. Meanwhile, twelve-month expectations went from 54 to 51 units.

Current situation of companies: April

Meanwhile, the data of the businessmen consulted by the BCRP, regarding the current situation of your businessfell from 51 to 50 points in April, while those of sales they did the same by descending from 53 points in March to the current 46.

Similarly, the data from production They settled at 45 points compared to the estimates for March, which ranged at 52 points. Similar fate befell the data of demand compared to what was expected, since it reached 39 points, three less than in the previous month.

Finally, the businessmen revealed that the horizon of purchase orders compared to the previous month, which in March reached 50 points, today stands at 46; meanwhile, the days of unwanted inventory remained at 14 points.

It should be noted that the days of unwanted inventories show the difference between the days of inventories corresponding to each month minus the days of desired inventories according to the companies.

Source: Larepublica

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