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Prices of some foods have doubled in markets due to protests

Prices of some foods have doubled in markets due to protests

Despite the massive mobilizations at the national level, from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) toThey assured that there is sufficient supply to meet the demand in the markets at the national level.

“We have the role of ensuring that food not only reaches Lima, where there is a supply for at least five days, but also to various markets. In the regions there is still no shortage and we hope there won’t be,” said the head of Midagri, Nelly Paredes.

Potato and lemon on the rise

To the Lima Wholesale Market 7,628 tons of food entered yesterday, 10% less than the average of the last four Thursdays. This translated into an increase of up to double in products such as lemon, which on average went from S/1.86 to S/3.44 per kilo.

While in markets such as N3 in Breña, a kilo of lemon is now sold for up to S/7.00 in the retail segment, as well as yellow and pink potatoes, which are now at S/6.00 and S/3 .00, respectively.

And, regarding fuels, in the capital’s taps there is still stock for users, although with a slight increase in 95 gasoline, which rose to S/19.35 a gallon, as well as a reduction to S/18.39 of diesel.

The south in the abyss

The Republic was able to verify that in the Cusco the threat of shortages has gained more strength, considering that the markets and faucets do not have enough stock to serve the public.

“We don’t have potatoes, vegetables and fruits. The market is disappearing, this is because there are blockades in Sicuani, Andahuaylas (Apurímac) and in the Limatambo sector. We work with Arequipa and Apurímac”, commented the wholesaler of the Vinocanchón market, Ciriaco Villafuerte.

Likewise, in Fist the increase in the price of the domestic gas cylinder was reported, as a product of speculation. Thus, what used to be sold at S/54 is now sold at S/76.

On the other hand, in Puerto Maldonado (Madre de Dios) there is no fuel since Monday, after the service stations closed their premises when their reserves ran out. According to the regional newspaper Flash, the prices of vegetables and fruits in the jungle province have risen “up to 100%.”

The data

Variation. An increase in the average price of green peas (up to S/8.63 per kilo) and green peas (S/3.90) was also reported. On the other side of the coin, there is a reduction in the huayro potato (S/3.33) and the katia tomato (S/2.59).

Source: Larepublica

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