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At the end of January the second Fertiabono will be approved

At the end of January the second Fertiabono will be approved

The head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), nelly paredesreported that the Dina Boluarte regime will reinforce the Fertiabono, in order to help producers who have up to five hectares with the purchase of fertilizers.

Said monetary aid — baptized as Fertiabono II — It would be approved at the end of January and, after that, the payment would proceed, according to the official.

“With this bonus, small producers will be able to buy fertilizers, whether organic or inorganic. The beneficiaries must have from zero to five hectares of crops and we are analyzing the amount, but we are talking about an average of S / 500 per hectare ”, he added.

It is necessary to specify that, in its first stage, the Fertiabono Up to now, it has benefited 276,227 agricultural producers in the national territory, which required a disbursement of S/407.2 million (advance of 87.4%).

It is more than necessary

Laureano del Castillo, executive director of the Center for Social Studies (Cepes), believes that Fertiabono II is appropriate because it will make it possible to compensate for losses in family farming, aggravated by inflation and the lack of fertilizers as a result of the failure of the Government in the tenders international.

“Aside, after horns, sticks, because the drought has fallen. So the losses are incalculable, ”he adds.

From the midagriurged the men and women of the countryside to register in the Register of Agrarian Producers (PPA) in order to access the bonus.

In this regard, Del Castillo recommended to the Government diversify information channels regarding the new Fertiabono so that Peruvians in the most remote areas can receive monetary relief, since there are some who “are not even aware” of the existence of this aid mechanism so as not to further affect production.

Source: Larepublica

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