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Government is heading to raise the pensions of the ONP

Government is heading to raise the pensions of the ONP

The Government of Dina Boluarte has guaranteed increase the pensions received by retirees from the National Pension System (SNP) through the ONP.

And it is that, for almost two decades, half a million pensioners received a minimum of S/415 and a maximum of S/857.36 at the end of their work stage, and only in 2019 -during the administration of Martín Vizcarra- they raised the thresholds and now they range between S/500 and S/893.

However, retirees did not stop demanding that pensions be increased, especially now that the inflation rate during 2022 stood at 8.46%, its highest peak since 1996.

they give their word

“The Ministry of Labor will emphasize the point of improving pensions, which have been relegated for a long time with amounts that do not allow a dignified life for retirees,” said Prime Minister Alberto Otárola during his visit to Congress to ask for a vote of confidence to his cabinet.

Along these lines, the owner of the PETMEduardo García, had pointed out shortly before to La Republic that will prioritize the increase in pensions in the ONP in the medium term.

And for this it is key to meet with the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and thus “begin to make a calculation and determine some amount that may be important”, since “S / 500 do not allow retirees to have a dignified life” .

It is necessary to specify that currently There are 665,746 people who receive a monthly pension from the ONP. They must have accredited 20 years of contributions and be 65 years of age (see infographic).

Eduardo García assured that the increase in the pension for retirees is a priority that has already been proposed to the MEF. Photo: diffusion

It’s an act of justice

Recently, Minister Eduardo García held a meeting with representatives of the National Center of Retirees and Pensioners of Peru (Cenajupe)and ratified his desire to improve the quality of life of the fifty or so retirees of the SNP.

“When it comes to pensions, everyone thinks about the MEF, but during the Castillo government the issue was ignored. Nothing was scheduled. We welcome now that the problem is considered because it is not justifiable that there are precarious pensions,” Óscar Alarcón, president of the National Center for Retirees and Pensioners (Cenajupe), commented for this newspaper.

Alarcón maintains that they have taken the word of the premier and the minister so that justice is really done with the retirees, since with the current inflation S/500 are not enough and, with the current socio-political crisis, the outlook may worsen further.

In this sense, the leader hopes that the PCM speeds up the dialogue with the Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras, to lay the foundations of what would be the second increase in pensions in more than 20 years.

Thus, they urge that the minimum pension of the ONP be raised to S/1,025 – equal to the Minimum Vital Remuneration (RMV) –, since historically there has been an abrupt distance between both indicators, and for the maximum, that this be S/1,537.5 –1.5 times more than the RMV–.

“No one in their right mind justifies us having a pension of S/500 on average and even others have less. With the incessant rise in the cost of living, a dignified retirement is impossible. It is just what we demand, ”he said.

Proportional pensions would rise

Alarcón explained that the possible increase in ONP pensions would have a positive impact on the proportional pensions received by citizens over 65 who contributed between 10 and 19 years of age.

Let’s remember that in 2021 a series of regulatory changes came into force so that more retirees can access pensions of between S/250 and S/350 per month. According to the ONP, more than 18,000 older adults already charge it. A project that establishes proportional pensions is pending in Congress from S/100 for those who contributed less than 10 years.

The word

Óscar Alarcón, president of the Cenajupe

“Our mission is to increase pensions. We regret and condemn the deaths, but we cannot stop talking to the Government (…) No one in their right mind justifies us having a pension of S/500 on average and others even have less”.

Source: Larepublica

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