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Tour operators in Cusco call for an end to protests in the south

Tour operators in Cusco call for an end to protests in the south

Entrepreneurs and workers linked to the tourism sector of Cusco, held a sit-in yesterday in the Tupac Amaru square. They called for an end to the protests that are taking place in various regions of the country.

With posters in hand, the demonstrators warned that the violent acts registered in Puno and the seizure of roads in different provinces of Cusco, against the government of Dina Boluarte, results in a bad image of the country. Due to this, the tourist cancels his reserved packages.

“In each day of paralysis, Cusco loses 7 million soles. Tourism is the most affected activity (…) we had meetings with up to four ministers and, unfortunately, they do not have a solution to our demands,” Richard Velásquez, businessman and leader of the tourism sector, told La República.

assured that 80% of the population disagrees with the demonstrations against the government of Dina Boluarte and this would have been reflected in the low participation of citizens in the protests that take place in the city of Cusco.

“What they demand is not for gas, for fertilizer or for the family basket, it is a political demand and has the requirements: reinstatement of Pedro Castillo, resignation of Dina Boluarte, closure of Congress and another point” he added.

The complainants warned that the stoppages have caused many businessmen to lay off their workers, and the production chain is affected in businesses such as; restaurants, artisans, hotels, markets, among others.

blocked roads

While in the city of Cusco an end to the protests was requested, in provinces such as Canchis, Blockades continued on important roads, such as the access to the Arturo bridge in Sicuani. This infrastructure leads to the regions of Puno and Arequipa. The closure of roads is also observed in the districts of Checacupe, Combapata and Tinta.

In La Convención, the protests also continue. The entrance to Quillabamba in the Pavayoc sector continues to be blocked. Pickets of strikers have been set up in the area.

The inhabitants of these provinces announced that In the next few hours they will carry out a sacrificial march to Cusco. Protesters from Calca would join the measure.

On the other hand, in Kepashiato and Kiteni, also in La Convención, the tension continues. Residents intend to retake the natural gas pumping plant of the Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TGP)

In the district of Quiquijana (Quispicanchi) the residents blocked the main highway of the Panamericana Sur, pickets are also reported in Cusipata.

Source: Larepublica

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