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MEF: Con Punche Peru projects will be sent to Congress in a maximum of 15 days

MEF: Con Punche Peru projects will be sent to Congress in a maximum of 15 days

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, announced this Monday, January 9, that in less than 15 days the Executive Branch will send to the Congress of the Republic the bills that are part of the Con Punche Peru reactivation plan. During his presentation at the Legislative Economic Commission, The head of the MEF indicated that, within the same period, his portfolio will be publishing the regulations that are the responsibility of the Executive.

“This week and the next, the regulations will be published or the bills will be sent to the Congress so that with your support, we can move forward with this much-needed reactivation for the country,” Contreras said.

He stressed that the plan is already being implemented and that The idea is to boost the Peruvian economy on different fronts through an investment of S/5,900 millionwhich will generate the creation of 130,000 jobs.

The MEF foresees that the impact of the plan will be 1.3% on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first half of the yearwith which the economy would grow 3%.

“We hope to have a very positive first semester. And the projections for this period (are) to register a growth acceleration of 2%, which we would have at the end of 2022 at 3%. The purpose of this program is to start moving both public investment and private investment”, he pointed out.

Source: Larepublica

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