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Dollar remains at S / 4,014 and the Lima Stock Exchange ends with negative figures

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By Cristina Alvarado

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The price of the dollar closed yesterday at S / 4.0140 and remained at the same price compared to the close of a previous day, on a day where the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) sold US $ 43 million at a rate of average change of S / 4.0140 to attenuate volatility.

Asked about this situation, the economist Javier Zúñiga said that the situation of the dollar it remains above S / 4, explained by political uncertainty.

“When Julio Velarde and the other three directors were appointed president of the BCRP, the price of the dollar fell to a level of S / 3.8. At the same time, the prime minister changed from Guido Bellido to Mrs. Mirtha Vásquez and, in the same way, the exchange rate fell. Secondly, when the president came out to talk about the nationalization of camisea gas, he caused the exchange rate to return to levels above S / 4 despite the permanent interventions of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru ”.

The stock market

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On the other hand, the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) closed in negative territory. Almost all of its indicators ended their operations with figures in the red. Only the consumer sector ended with gains (0.87%).

Regarding this situation, the economist Javier Zúñiga affirms that this setback is also due to political uncertainty and social events such as the stoppage of activities in the Antamina mining company.

“The strongest shares of the BVL are in the mining sector, so the values ​​were immediately deteriorated,” he said.

The S & P / BVL Peru General index fell by -1.33% (20,254 points) and the S & P / BVL Peru Selectivo had a decrease of -1.34% (537.86 points). The financial sector led the losses with a decrease of -2.42%, followed by mining (-0.89%), industrial (-0.77%), services (-0.59%), electricity (-0, 59%) and construction (-0.27%).


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