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What are the labor factors that most motivate Peruvian workers?

What are the labor factors that most motivate Peruvian workers?

After the changes in work systems brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the human talent management experienced significant challenges. In this new context, three factors that motivate workers Peruvians. 75% are motivated by work-life balance, to 73% the work environment and at 66% cprofessional development, according to the report “People Management Priorities for 2023”, by BUK and PageGroup Peru.

By contrast, among the factors that demotivate them are the remuneration (45%), lack of professional growth perspective (38%), and excess workload (31%). “Today, employees aim to be seen in an integral way in their companies, happiness and well-being are built from day to day at work and from the balance that they can achieve between this and other areas of their personal life,” explains Sebastián Ausin, country manager of Buk Peru.

What will be the trend in people management for 2023?

In 2023, human resources areas must be creative and innovative to meet the expectations of their employees and retain them. Business leaders who challenge the status quo and provide greater well-being will be able to retain the best talent and create happier workplaces, says Buk Peru.

In fact, a survey carried out by this organization of more than 600 People Management leaders revealed that the priority processes in the coming months correspond to tools to measure the work environment and performance. Among the main factors that affect the motivation of employees in their workplace are:

  • Flexible work systems: the demand for jobs in the remote modality is increasing. Companies must seek that candidates feel that they will be able to have a good quality of life in all areas, without neglecting their families and projects.
  • Professional growth: Having a professional growth strategy is a key element in organizations. It is not necessarily synonymous with promotion, there are different alternatives so that they can develop their capacities within the organization.
  • Salary: Although remuneration is not the predominant factor, if it is not consistent with the demands of the position, it becomes the main cause of demotivation.
  • Emotional salary: It is an increasingly appreciated concept. Aims to achieve a balance between personal and professional life, based on a relationship of trust and common purpose between the collaborator and their organization.

Source: Larepublica

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