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Britain: Boris Johnson refuses to resign despite spate of resignations

Britain: Boris Johnson refuses to resign despite spate of resignations

British Prime Minister, Conservative Boris Johnson, refuses to resign despite a barrage of resignations and growing pressure from members of his Cabinet and his deputies, British media revealed on Wednesday.

The “tory” leader, who is meeting at the government headquarters in Downing Street – his official office and office – with his ministers before deciding his next steps, has no intention of resigning from office and is “absolutely defiant” , leaked to the “Sky News” channel a source from the Executive

That Downing Street source assures that the conservative leader wants to “fight” and can make new appointments today after more than 30 senior officials in his government have left their posts en masse in the last few hours.

Different media also reveal that a “defiant” Johnson has rejected the calls of his colleagues in the Cabinet to leave during a meeting in which he has been told that he has lost the confidence of the party and has been transferred that, in this way, could not continue in office.

According to this, Home Affairs Ministers Priti Patel, Business, Kwasi Kwarteng, Transport, Grant Shapps, and for Wales, Simon Hart, are among the ministers who have explicitly asked Johnson to leave.

According to this information, Patel has suggested that he abide by the “overwhelming position” of the parliamentary group, while Shapps maintains that Johnson has little chance of winning another internal vote of no confidence and should set a timetable to leave on his own terms.

However, Johnson seems to have rejected suggestions that urge him to seek “a more dignified exit” and has indicated that he will fight for his political future, something that could trigger even more resignations from his cabinet colleagues.

A source close to Johnson revealed that he told his colleagues there would be “chaos” if he resigned and that the party would almost certainly lose the next general election.


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