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The new iPhone SE, with the power of the present in a model of yesterday

The new iPhone SE, with the power of the present in a model of yesterday

The new iPhone SE, which will hit stores this Friday, is a phone that shares the most advanced power and technology on the market thanks to its A15 microprocessor, wrapped in a case with a retro dot that harks back to 2017 and allows for its affordable price .

The cheapest phone model of the entire range iPhone from Manzana (only $429, compared to $699 for the 13 mini or $799 for the 13) is ideal for conscientious consumers who want a good phone to surf the web, stay connected, and harness the power of the A15 .

Plus, for the first time, Apple brings ultra-fast network support to the SE 5Gmaking it one of the few budget phones to support this new technology standard.

Any potential client, however, must be aware of the limitations of this model, which are imposed precisely by its condition of being the iPhone simpler and more affordable: the screen is only 4.7 inches, it does not have a front depth sensor and it has only a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel front camera.

In this way, the cameras are representative of the whole of the phone’s exterior structure: the lenses are the same as in the SE model of 2020, in the same way that the design of the device is the same as that of the iPhone 8 of 2017.

One of the curiosities resulting from this fact is that it is the only Apple phone that still has the Touch ID finger button to identify the user and unlock the devicesomething that in the most recent models was replaced by the facial recognition system FaceID.

In addition, and despite having a significantly more limited camera than other models that incorporate, for example, up to three different lenses, Its potential to edit photos and videos is comparable to that of the other versions, thanks to the powerful A15 Bionic chip.

Users, however, will not be able to make use of the popular Night Mode to take pictures in low-light circumstances, although the limitations of the physical device are partially compensated for by an advanced intelligent image processing system.

The stereo speaker system offers good quality audio but the battery, although improved, still has a limited autonomy, something that is imposed by the small dimensions of the device.

In addition to the new version of the SE, Apple also recently updated its iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models with green and alpine green colors, respectively.

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