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The US believes that China can show that it respects the UN Charter

The US believes that China can show that it respects the UN Charter

Deputy Secretary of State for United StatesWendy Sherman stated that China now has the opportunity to show that it supports the principles of the Charter of the UN with regard to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In Madrid, where he carries out various diplomatic activities, Sherman referred to the hypothesis that China carries out some type of mediation in relation to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially given the good relationship that Beijing maintains with the Government of Vladimir Putin.

“China has long said that it believes in sovereignty, in territorial integrity, in the right of countries to make their own decisions. We have heard them say it, now she can prove it and get ”Putin to stop the war, she pointed out in a meeting with journalists.

Sherman emphasized the “close coordination” that the Western allies carry out in relation to this conflict, both in terms of sanctions and in the humanitarian aid they provide to the Ukrainian population.

In this regard, he said that the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will hold further consultations in the coming days in areas such as “additional sanctions”, humanitarian assistance, imports of Russian oil and protection status for refugees, but he did not want to specify.

“All options will be considered,” said Sherman, who also referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request for more weapons, especially planes, and was in favor of analyzing what needs they have.

He welcomed the degree of support that a large number of countries have given Ukraine with the shipment of weapons, an “extraordinary” show of support for the Kiev government.

He stated that Ukraine’s is “Putin’s war” whom he held personally responsible for the conflict and for which he added that he was wrong to think about the responses to his attack.

“He thought that NATO would be divided, that Ukraine would surrender, that there would be no sanctions… He started the war and now he has to end it,” assured the number two of US diplomacy.

He thanked the Spanish Government for its attitude and its commitment with the allies in favor of dialogue in favor of stability, for the defense of Ukraine and its future as a country, and specifically mentioned the sending of four fighters to Bulgaria in the framework of NATO and the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

All this to combat the scenes that are being seen these days: “Mothers who give birth in the basements of the subway, the city of Mariupol without water or electricity… Nothing is enough when people die, when there is despair,” he said. Sherman.

At the same time, he stressed that in Russia there are numerous arrests of people protesting against the war in Ukraine, but Putin “rejects democracy and chooses war”. “All the devastation is due to one man: Vladimir Putin,” stressed the deputy secretary of state.

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