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An Entire Family Died Trying To Flee: The New York Times Photo Confirms The Gruesome Massacre Of Civilians In Ukraine At The Hands Of The Russian Army

An Entire Family Died Trying To Flee: The New York Times Photo Confirms The Gruesome Massacre Of Civilians In Ukraine At The Hands Of The Russian Army

The Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to claim innocent civilian lives who prefer to avoid violence, contrary to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in his attempt to “demilitarize and denazify” the European country, attacks without mercy.

While the international community sanctions the Russian leader trying to corner him, the Ukrainians try to defend themselves at all costs. But there is another reality and that is that many try to flee the conflict and try to cross the nearest border, in this case, that of Belarus.

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Dramatic New York Times Photo Reveals Brutal Russian Siege

A photograph taken by Lynsey Addario, a photojournalist for The New York Times, shows the terrifying reality and tells the sad story of an entire family who, in their attempt to flee, were killed in the midst of a flurry of mortar shells.

The group of people was walking on the bridge of the Irpin River, located 20 kilometers from Kiev, which is used to flee the fighting, when they were surprised by a fierce attack. The massacre of the Ukrainians by the Russians was confirmed with a graph that reflects pain and impotence.

In the photo you can see four corpses, suitcases and the blood of the innocents scattered in the place where they fell. The bodies of a mother, a father, her teenage son and her young daughter, are lying on the pavement, after the Russian attack when they tried to flee towards Belarus.

The father was the only one who did not die immediately and had to see his family bloodied and without vital signs. The man was seriously injured and died within minutes of dying.

This is how the massacre began

According to photojournalist Lynsey Addario, civilians were trying to cross the bridge in small groups, while a dozen Ukrainian soldiers accompanied them, and unexpectedly the attack began.

Mortar shells first fell about 100 meters from the bridge and then traveled in a series of thunderous explosions towards a section of the street where people were fleeing.

As the mortars closed in on the civilians, people ran, dragging children, trying to find a safe place. But there was nothing to protect himself. There was nowhere to hide… And this family of four was trapped

Soldiers rushed to help, but the woman and children were dead. Later, the AFP agency published another shocking photo: the bodies covered with blankets in the middle of the road.

Ukrainian civilians are cornered

Putin’s forces cornered the Ukrainians in Irpin, shelled them heavily and forced them to try to reach Kiev on foot. As hundreds tried to escape, they were ambushed. Thus, the family portrayed by The New York Times and AFP fell.

Putin insists from the Kremlin that it is the Ukrainians who are sabotaging the humanitarian corridors, but these images leave no room for doubt: Russia is massacring civilians in Ukraine.

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Source: Eluniverso

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