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Chavista Hugo Carvajal confesses payments to Spanish politicians of Podemos from Venezuela

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Former Venezuelan general Hugo Armando Carvajal, known as Pollo Carvajal, once again targeted former leaders of the left-wing Spanish party Podemos as recipients of alleged payments when Nicolás Maduro was already at the head of the Venezuelan government, legal sources inform Efe.

Carvajal, who is pending to be extradited to USA for drug trafficking, declared this Wednesday as a witness before a judge of the Spanish National Court, who is investigating the alleged irregular financing of We can -current partner of the Socialists in the Spanish Government-, a case filed in 2016 and reopened last week after their accusations.

The former Venezuelan general, former head of the Directorate of Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela, He spoke again of alleged payments that would have come from the coffers of the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, sources indicate, and presented a list of witnesses.

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According to the sources consulted by Efe, Carvajal He promised to continue providing documentation as it arrives, although he pointed out the difficulty he has in searching for it, given that he has been admitted to a Madrid prison since he was arrested last September, after almost two years missing.

Since his arrest he has tried to prevent his surrender to USA by all means, as resources to the decision of the Spanish Government to extradite him, the asylum request, rejected, or the disclosure of alleged corruption schemes of the Chavista Executive with former Spanish political leaders.

Regardless of the cause where he declared today Carvajal, his extradition to USA, announced by the Spanish National Court for October 23, was stopped by a defect of form, denounced by his defense, and this Friday the magistrates are expected to remedy it.


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