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Carlos Slim sees great opportunity in Mexico and asks “not to confront” the Government

Carlos Slim sees great opportunity in Mexico and asks “not to confront” the Government

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim considered that in Mexico there is a great opportunity due to the United States trade war against China and the North American trade agreement, for which he asked to avoid “a confrontation” between the Government and businessmen.

Today we have another great opportunity, a great opportunity in which the assets have to be the businessmen of the United States and Mexico, more than the politicians. Governments have already done their job and we haven’t”, commented Slim, the richest man in the country.

Slim spoke with Carlos Salazar, the outgoing president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), the leadership of the private sector in Mexico.

Salazar revealed that he faced “pressures” to be “more shrill” with the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

And in this regard, Slim opined that “The worst thing that can happen and that unfortunately is happening in Mexico is the conflict”, for which he urged the businessmen “do not fight periodically” with the Administration because “When a government is democratically elected, it must be respected”.

Having conflicts, I would say sometimes capricious or ideological, is nonsense because if what the (business) cameras are going to do is confront for confrontation, on principle, because ideologically the one who won is not to our liking, it is nonsense”, Said the tycoon.

The owner of Grupo Carso and América Móvil suggested “see what the Ukrainians are doing, confronting a powerful army, and instead of surrendering they defend the country”. And here we are fighting, dividing“, lament.

The businessman describedaccurate” the direction of the economic policy of the Government of López Obrador because it has sought “be more active in tax collection without raising taxes”, with healthy public finances that seek inflation and a stable exchange rate.

He regretted that since the presidencies of Adolfo López Mateos (1958-1964) and Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (1964-1970) when, according to his data, Mexico grew 6.8% a year without inflation, the country has stagnated six-year after six-year term.

Unfortunately, Mexico is a miraculous country but we have missed opportunities, we have destroyed them. It is sad how we end, when we have a moment of great opportunity, how we end it and it has been repetitive”, he indicated.

Fight poverty, not inequality

The 2021 Forbes magazine millionaires list confirmed Slim, owner of América Móvil and Grupo Carso, as the richest man in Mexico and the rest of Latin America, with US$55.93 billion, a wealth that increased by 7.4%. Over the previous year.

In his conversation with the CCE, the tycoon stressed that “it is a mistake to mention” inequality and made reference to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

More than inequality, we must talk about improving the minimum income, about improving the purchasing power of the population, because it is better that it be here (above) even though there is inequality than that it be here (below) with greater equality.”, he opined.

Slim ordered a “war on poverty”, by enunciating universal health and education in Mexico as priorities.

Source: Gestion

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