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Russian attack on Kiev TV tower, transmission interrupted |  VIDEO

Russian attack on Kiev TV tower, transmission interrupted | VIDEO

A Russian attack targeted Tuesday the television tower in Kyivcausing the interruption of the transmission of TV channels, announced the ministry of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The attack, on the sixth day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, “touched” tower equipment, the ministry said. “The channels will not work for a certain time”, he specified.

“The chains won’t work for some time,” but “relief” systems will make it possible for some television stations to restore broadcasting soon, the ministry added.

A photograph published by the Ministry of the Interior showed the tower in a thick gray cloud. The main structure was still standing.

The television tower is in the same neighborhood as the Babi Yar site, a place where the Nazis killed more than 30,000 Jews in two days in 1941. This place is an important memorial.

“These barbarians are massacring the victims of the Shoah for the second time”, denounced on Twitter the head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Andriï Iermak.


Russia intensified the offensive in Ukraine by sending a huge military convoy to Kiev and a heavy bombardment against the country’s second largest city, Kharkiv, after a first cycle of unsuccessful negotiations and despite the multiplication of sanctions against Moscow.

Source: Gestion

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