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The US eases guidelines for the use of masks, they will not be necessary in closed public spaces

The main health agency United States revised its guidelines on the carrying of face mask as a means of curbing the expansion of COVID-19so most Americans won’t be required to use it in enclosed public spaces, including schools.

“Today we are in a stronger position as a nation with more tools to protect ourselves and our communities from COVID-19,” said Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The change includes the parameters applied to determine whether or not people should wear masks in certain areas.

Currently, that is tied to the case rate. 95% of the country is considered a high transmission area and is therefore covered by mask warnings.

The new metrics also include hospitalizations and the capacity of local hospitals creating a new measure known as the “COVID-19 level of the community.”

Citizens can check on the CDC website to see if their area is green, yellow, or orange on a map of the entire country.

More than 70% of the population lives in areas that are not required to wear a mask according to the new parameters, including schools in green or yellow areas.

The new guidelines, however, do not apply to public transport. A federal rule regulating transportation will be reviewed in mid-March.

The United States is emerging from the latest wave of COVID-19 caused by the omicron variant, which, while highly contagious, carries less severe symptoms among people who were vaccinated or previously infected.

In recent weeks, the administration of President Joe Biden has increased its talk of normalization as the pandemic moves into a new endemic phase.

States and cities led by Democrats or Republicans have already taken the initiative, either abandoning the mandates or setting dates to do so.

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