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Brazil regrets “useless” US criticism of Bolsonaro’s trip to Russia

The government of Brazil He lamented this Saturday the “non-constructive”, “nor useful” criticism of the White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, about the president’s trip Jair Bolsonaro to Russia in full escalation of international tensions over Ukraine.

“Brazil’s positions on the situation in Ukraine are clear, public and were repeatedly transmitted to the authorities of friendly countries and expressed in the United Nations Security Council,” the Brazilian Foreign Ministry said in an official note.

The Bolsonaro Administration thus responded to the statements made by Psaki on Friday, when he said that Brazil “seems to be on the other side of where most of the global community is”, referring to this week’s trip of the South American ruler to Russia.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not consider similar extrapolations about the president’s speech to be constructive or useful,” said the statement from the Brazilian diplomacy.

Bolsonaro, leader of the Brazilian extreme right and who declares himself a “friend” of former US President Donald Trump, made an official trip to Russia between Monday and Thursday, where he met with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

In Moscow, the Brazilian president said he was “solidarity” with Russia, without mentioning what issue, and reiterated that he wants “peace in the world”, at a time when thousands of Russian soldiers are deployed on the border with Ukraine, which he fears an invasion in the next few days.

The day before, Bolsonaro insisted that his visit to Russia was for purely economic reasons and that at no time was it to “take sides” for any of the opposing parties.

“I spoke the message of peace. We did not go to take sides for anyone, “the president defended himself during a live broadcast via social networks.

The visit to Moscow also earned Bolsonaro criticism from many of the far-right activists who support his government.

One of the toughest was the diplomat Ernesto Araújo, who was foreign minister during the first two years of Bolsonaro’s administration and protested the president’s visit to Russia, a country he accused of “supporting narco-socialist regimes,” among the who cited the case of Venezuela.

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