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Macron affirms that “there is time” to achieve a diplomatic solution in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron, who has met with Vladimir Putin for several years in Moscow, has acknowledged that the situation is “serious” and that “the next few days will be decisive and of lively discussions.”


The French President, Emmanuel Macronhas held a meeting for several hours with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow and has transferred him “concrete guarantees” in terms of security, for which he has expressed his optimism about a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

“Now we are aware of the seriousness of the situation and how to find a way to preserve peace. I deeply believe that there is still timeMacron declared from the Kremlin.

The French leader has indicated that the “next few days will be decisive and lively discussions.” “We have the will to work together to guarantee a new order of stability and security in Europe” and for this Russia has been offered “concrete security guarantees”.

For his part, the Russian president, Vladimir Putinhas denounced that the NATO countries “they continue to flood Ukraine with weapons”.

“NATO member countries (…) continue to flood Ukraine with advanced weapons and allocate considerable financial resources for the modernization of the Ukrainian Army, sending experts and military instructors,” Putin stressed after his meeting with Macron.

Putin explained that he had raised this issue with his French counterpart, while warning that Russia “will not allow Ukraine to try to recapture Crimea by military means.”

In this sense, Putin has criticized the Ukrainian government for “wasting” the opportunity to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflict in the Ukrainian separatist regions of Donbas.

Source: Eitb

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