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The war between Poland and the EU continues, which sees the country’s position as a clear challenge to European justice

Crossfire and heavy artillery fire between the European Union and Poland, which remains firm in its position. “We have no problems with the rule of law, but some countries do not understand our (judicial) reforms “, declared the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki. Thus, his government has not taken a step back since October 7, when its constitutional court declared that some EU laws they violated their rule of law.

A decision that keeps your funds frozen. “60% of Polish investments depend on European funds. How will Poland transform its economy? It is paralyzed “, pointed out Héctor Sánchez Margalef, researcher at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs. This week, the fight has been fierce. With little room for movement, everyone plays their cards.

Poland, with public opinion against, try to pull nationalism to gain followers and talk about blackmail. In front a European Union is positioned almost against the ropes. “The European Parliament has told the European Commission that it is going to denounce him for inaction, and this has been processed”, pointed out Sánchez Margalef. Inside and outside the European Union, a firm response is already required.

“The EU has to take all the measures within its reach and urgently, legal, political and economic,” said Maribel Tellado, a member of Amnesty International. They also recall the violation of other rights, such as abortion, which the Polish constitutional court erased with a stroke of the pen. “The abortion declared it unconstitutional in cases of serious fetal malformation or disease of the fetus incompatible with life, “Tellado has denounced.

A year has passed and the effects have been devastating. “FEDERA (Federation of Women and Family Planning), which is a Polish organization, reported that in 11 months, after the sentence, the number of inquiries I received tripled “, has lamented Maribel Tellado. There is thus a cost for women that could now be extended to the entire rule of law.

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