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A 4-year-old boy survives a 20-meter fall off a cliff with hardly any scratches

It has happened in Wolfe County, Kentucky, United States. A four-year-old boy was walking with his parents through the Daniel Boone National Forest when got lost and fell off a cliff.

According to the emergency services, the little one hit several ‘ledges’ that were slowing down his fall, along a cliff about 20 meters high.

Without thinking about it, the boy’s father lowered himself off the cliff until he was able to reach him. Once next to the little boy, he took him in his arms and carried him across the river to the nearest road where the emergency services were waiting for them.

Right there they examined him and discovered that miraculously, the little it only had a few scratches and bruises. In addition, he spoke with great enthusiasm about superheroes. Although, according to the emergency services “the only superhero present there was him.”

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