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Venezuelan opposition says Maduro dismantles public companies to sell scrap metal

The Venezuelan opposition accused the Chavista regime headed by the illegitimate president Nicolas Maduro, to dismantle state companies to later sell them as scrap metal.

The complaint was made by former deputy Omar González who, according to a statement from the opposition, denounced that a “junk mafia promoted by the Nicolás Maduro dictatorship is dismantling what is left standing in Venezuela”.

“The junk mafia is practically dismembering what is left standing in Venezuela, it has done so with the oil industry,” he said.

In this regard, he argued that “they are taking out of the port of Guanta (in the central Anzoátegui state) pipes of oil pipelines, gas pipelines and practically new valves”.

“They have dismantled drills, pumps, equipment from (the state oil company) PDVSA have been taken throughout the national territory, but especially those that were located in the Orinoco oil belt,” he stressed.

González warned that “they are dismembering facilities and equipment of the Empresas Básicas de Guayana,” a conglomerate of public companies located in Ciudad Guayana, in the Amazonian state of Bolívar.

Among them are Sidor, Ferrominera and Alcasa, among others, always according to the ex-legislator’s complaint spread by the opposition.

Finally, he affirmed that said mafia is “removing in parts the unfinished bridge that Caicara, in Bolívar, was going to communicate with the population of Cabruta in the central Guárico state.

“The high-resistance planks that were installed and another part ready to install, of what was to be the third bridge over the Orinoco, are being removed to be sold as scrap metal,” he concluded.


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