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How does the Omicron variant work and how can we protect ourselves from it?

The variant omicron it seems to have come into the world to expand very quickly. Almost the entire planet is alert to the number of infected COVID-19, as well as the lethality of this new strain.

Under this premise, the National Institute of Health made it clear that the omicron is a variant of concern “ that was born in South Africa and is the variant that predominates today.

Oscar Escalante MaldonadoINS research biologist pointed out that it is important to know how the omicron variant acts in the human body.

The specialist made it clear that this variant has 34 mutations in the “spike” protein, the one that comes into contact with human cells. “What allows it to be more transmissible and immune escape”, he asserted.

That is why it is important to take protection measures into account. Booster doses They are as important as the use of a mask, constant hand washing and social isolation.

In the same way, Escalante called on the population not to break the social bubble and avoid people outside of your environment.

WHO’s observation

One of the details that most attracted attention is the global alarm over the increase in cases of omicron, which could lead to the creation of more dangerous variants.

“The more omicron is spread, the more it is transmitted and the more it is replicated and the more likely it is to generate a new variant”, spointed out to the AFP agency Catherine Smallwood, head of emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO).



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