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López Obrador warns that he will resign if he loses revocation consultation

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López ObradorHe warned this Friday that he will resign from his position if Mexicans vote next year in a referendum in favor of revoking it, regardless of whether the minimum 40% participation is reached for the consultation to be binding.

“If people say that ‘we don’t want the president to continue’, I am leaving, without any problem. What’s more, even if it doesn’t reach 40% (participation), ”López Obrador revealed at the National Palace.

The president opined that “a country like Mexico cannot be governed without moral authority,” so if the majority votes for him to leave, he will leave the Presidency regardless of participation.

Congress approved a law proposed by López Obrador himself to allow a citizen consultation to be called to dismiss the country’s president in the middle of his term.

An association close to the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) has already begun operations to collect the more than two million signatures necessary to hold this consultation next year.

However, the opposition coalition “Va por México” presented on Thursday an appeal of unconstitutionality against the law considering that the president, who has a citizen approval of 60%, seeks to promote himself with this exercise.

“Incredibly, even surreal, the conservatives do not want the consultation,” reproached López Obrador, who recalled that the opposition has asked him to resign many times.

He considered an “incongruity that those who claim to be democrats reject mechanisms of participatory democracy.”

And he defended that the mechanism of the revocation consultation serves to “ward off the overthrows, coups d’état and authoritarianism.”

On August 1, Mexico held the first citizen consultation at the national level, in which it won the ‘Yes’ to prosecute the country’s former presidents, but only 7% of the census participated, far from the 40% threshold for were binding.

Less important than the heroes

The president affirmed that he considers himself “less transcendent” than the great heroes of Mexican history when asked if he wishes to appear in the history books as the president who nationalized lithium with his energy reform proposal.

“I admire the national heroes very much, they are very big, giants. So ours is less important, they gave their lives, “replied López Obrador, often described as” messianic “by the opposition.

The president, who claims to lead the “fourth transformation” in the history of Mexico, defined as “giants” the independence leaders Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos, as well as former presidents Benito Juárez, Francisco I. Madero and Lázaro Cárdenas.

“So there is no comparison, I am going to fulfill my job, my task, my mission,” he settled.


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