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Great-grandmother wins lottery jackpot after completing cancer treatment

A great-grandmother of Pennsylvaniawho recently completed radiation therapy to combat the cancer of mom, won US$ 5 million with a ticket of “scratch and win” from the state lottery.

Donna Osborne, 75, won the jackpot last month when she bought a ticket for “Monopoly Own It All” worth $50 while buying gas at a convenience store in Lancaster County, where he lives. Osborne said he had previously bought a $5 lottery ticket that won $50, so he used that money to buy another ticket.

“I was at the airport with my daughter. We were going to see our family in Florida, but the flight was delayed. It was delayed so many times that I decided to go back home. My daughter stayed and flew to Florida,” Osborne said. “If I hadn’t left the airport, I would never have bought that ticket!”

Osborne said she scratched the ticket while in the store’s parking lot and was shocked when she realized she had won the jackpot.

Lottery winner | Photo: AP

“I could not believe it!”, Osborne said. “I went back to the store and said, ‘Could you please check this? Is this correct or not?’ The employee said, ‘It’s correct!’”

Osborne, who said he had played the lottery “since it started” About 50 years ago, he called his daughter with the good news, but she didn’t believe him.

The woman, who has worked for decades providing transportation to Amish people, said she doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon. But she has another trip in mind. “I don’t know what to do with myself, I have to keep moving,” said. “I think I will invest part of the prize, of course, but then I will go to Alaska”he pointed.

Source: Gestion

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