The first of these refers to “Imorrível”which translated from Portuguese means immortal, and refers to the attack suffered by Bolsonaro in 2018, as his son added “they stabbed him and he is alive, there is no way to kill him.”

The second “i” corresponds to “Imbrochável“, has no translation but according to the son of the former Brazilian president, refers to his ease in bed ”With women whenever he goes to bed…”, highlighting the sexist character of the medal.

While the latter does not improve the former, it means “Inedible”which according to Bolsonarist jargon refers to that She has not been with another manor at least not passively, they clarify, highlighting his homophobia.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro presented him with this “award” in the resort of Camboriúin Brazil. This medal has already been received by other ultra-right leaders such as Orban, Trump or

The meeting took place within the framework of a political conference that emulates that of the American conservatives, and in which the Argentine president did not miss the opportunity to put on a show, and in which Bolsonaro has said that South America’s most radical right is more united than ever.