A former employee of the Trump Organization, engineer Barbara Res, has revealed that presidential candidate Donald Trump joked about Nazi “ovens” during a meeting with Jewish business executives in the 1990s.

We had just hired a residential manager, a German, and Donald was bragging to the executives, there were four of us at the time, about how nice the guy was, a real gentleman, so neat and clean and he looked at a group of our executives who were Jewish and said ‘Watch out for this guy, he he remembers the ovens’ and then he smiled,” Res said in statements to the MSNBC network.

“Everyone froze. I couldn’t believe he said that, but he was making jokes about Nazi ovens and killing people.. “That’s how it was,” he added during the interview to present his memoir ‘Tower of Lies’, in reference to Trump Tower.

Trump thus joked about the crematorium ovens and gas chambers of the Holocaust concentration camps, in which Nazi Germany murdered more than six million Jews.

Both Trump and his rival, Joe Biden, are doing campaign for the Jewish vote. Trump has assured that it is the best option to resolve the dispute in the Gaza Strip, while voting Democratic means “hating both Israel and Judaism.”