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AMLO says that the sale of avocado to the US is normalized but criticizes “arrogance”

AMLO says that the sale of avocado to the US is normalized but criticizes “arrogance”

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradorassured this Monday that “it’s already normalized” the export of avocado and mango from the state of Michoacan to the United States, but accused Washington of “prepotency” for having stopped trade after an act of violence against inspectors.

There has been a lot of progress, I believe that today will be resolved, the export situation of avocado and mango is already normalizing, and today the United States ambassador (Ken Salazar) will be in Michoacan I think it will be resolved now“said the president in his morning conference.

Even so, the Mexican leader criticized Washington’s decision to stop the trade of these fruits from Michoacán, the main producer of avocado and one of the two Mexican states authorized to export it to North America.

We asked the United States Government, first, not to act unilaterally. We have very good relations, we are working together and that is not the way. Why so much arrogance?”, he stated.

The president opined that, “When deciding on such a position, one should consult”.

Because yes, it will be resolved, but they leave a bad precedent. We are business partners and we have good relationships”, he concluded.

The United States suspended the purchase of avocado and mango from Michoacán on June 15 because, a day before, two inspectors from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) were held in a blockade by Purépecha indigenous people from the town of Aranza, in the municipality of Paracho.

The president now argued that ““It was an incident that happened.”.

There was a police protest, it seems that the inspectors wanted to pass, they were not allowed to pass, they became speechless, and from there the Government of the United States, the Secretariat (Department) of Agriculture, decided to stop the avocado exports.”, he recounted.

The fact is of national interest because avocado from Mexican producers is the leader in production and export worldwide with 1.68 million tons annually, with the states of Michoacán and Jalisco as the main exporters.

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