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More than 1.3 million irregular migrants pass through Mexico in five months

More than 1.3 million irregular migrants pass through Mexico in five months

Some 1.39 million irregular migrants from 177 countries passed through the territory of Mexico between January and May of this year with the aim of reaching the United States borderThe National Migration Institute (INM) reported this Sunday.

According to data processed by the state agency, the total number is made up of 738,270 adult men traveling alone and 362,979 adult women in the same situation.

In addition, 154,291 adults were counted traveling in family units accompanied by 135,151 minors, while another 2,992 children were traveling without the company of adults, the INM detailed in a statement.

What countries do they come from?

Differentiated according to the country of origin, the largest number of irregular migrants came from Venezuela, with 377,401 people; followed by Guatemala (209,540), Honduras (144,499), Ecuador (136,699) and Haiti (107,432).

Among other origins identified were from Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba, Senegal, Guinea, Dominican Republic, China, Brazil, Mauritania, India and Angola.

The adults located alone were transferred to different immigration stations “where their immigration administrative procedure was carried out and their situation was resolved in each case,” said the INM.

Family groups and unaccompanied minors, meanwhile, were assisted by the National System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family.

“The unaccompanied minors were from Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti and Nicaragua,” added the INM.

The bulk of undocumented migrants travel through the territory of Mexico with the aim of reaching the country’s northern border to try to cross into the United States.

In 2023 alone, more than 2.4 million irregular crossings were recorded at the binational border, according to data from US immigration authorities.

The figure reached a record of 10,000 people per day last December, although this number gradually decreased due to greater controls in both countries.

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