Javier Milei celebrates six months at the head of the Argentine government. A first semester marked by the ‘snip’ that he has performed. Cuts that have reduced monthly inflation to 4%, but year-on-year inflation continues to skyrocket with a record of 270%. In fact, after his measurements, More than 55% of Argentines live below the poverty line and almost one in five in poverty.

One of those who have been affected has been Cristina, a retiree who, with her meager pension, has had to change many lifestyle habits in recent months. He no longer buys meat, he barely consumes vegetables and fruit, and he is not turning on the heating: “I am very angry, and I am distressed, and I am very sad, really. And I was middle class, going up, and I am increasingly going down.” .

Going to the pharmacy, and not being able to buy their medicines, do you know what that is like for a grandparent?“, Add.

Milei’s cuts in social policies have drowned soup kitchens, on which millions of people in Argentina depend. Today, up to 18% of the population has to choose between paying rent or buying food.

Industrial activity has also suffered a sharp drop, similar to pandemic levels. “I can reduce everything, but if I can’t assume the fixed expenses, we are in trouble. I won’t be able to bear another shock, we won’t be able to bear it,” explains Walter, owner of a glass company in Argentina.

Meanwhile, Milei validates its economic plan based on the reduction of inflation, but the reality is that the majority of Argentines have worsened their quality of life in this first semester of government.