Pope met this Friday at the Vatican with more than a hundred comedians from different parts of the world, including Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Lino Banfi, before whom has stated that “it is not blasphemy” to laugh at God.

Can one also laugh at God? And this is not blasphemy! Of course, as we play and joke with the people we love,” Francisco stated. However, he specified that there is a limit because we must avoid “offending religious feelings of believers, especially the poor.

The Pontiff stated at the beginning of his speech that he looks with admiration at artists who express themselves in the language of comedy, humor and irony. In his opinion, they are the “most loved, sought after, applauded” professionals because they have and cultivate the gift of making people laugh.

Thus, he has highlighted the work of humor professionals and their “power to spread serenity and smiles.” In his opinion, through his work, they reach very different people, from different generations and cultural backgrounds, a “very important” task.

“Joy allows us to share and is the best antidote to selfishness and individualism,” he added. ensure that comedians are a reminder to everyone that playful fun and laughter are fundamental in human lifeto express oneself, learn and make sense of situations”.

In this sense, the Pope thanked the “precious gift” of the talent of these professionals and assured that their work “spreads peace.” Furthermore, he has confessed that he prays every day with the words of Saint Thomas More: “Give me, Lord, a sense of humor.”

The bishop of Rome also stressed that comedians achieve another “miracle”: they manage to make people smile even when they deal with problems, small and large events in history. And this, they achieve, not through “alarm or terror, anxiety or fear”, but with a “critical sense, making people laugh and smile”.

The Pope added that when comedians manage to bring intelligent smiles to the lips of a single spectator, “they also make God smile.”