A Israeli bombing about a displaced persons camp has killed at least 50 people in the early hours of this Monday in the Tal al Sultan neighborhood, northwest of Rafah. An attack that has been confirmed by the Israeli Army, which claims that it was directed against two senior Hamas officials.

The Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by the Islamist group, has reported “another atrocious massacre” committed by Israeli forces in Rafah, indicating that “it has so far claimed the lives of 50 martyrs and dozens of wounded, most of them children and women“.

For his part, the Israeli Army has confirmed the attack of its aircraft in the area, “based on precise intelligence” and directed against two senior Hamas officialsthe commander of his division for the West Bank, Yassin Rabia, and another senior commander of that same division, Khaled Nagar.

“The Hamas wing in Judea and Samaria [Cisjordania ocupada] is responsible for the planning, financing and execution of terrorist attacks throughout Judea and Samaria and within Israel,” reads a military statement about that attack in Tal al Sultan, a Rafah neighborhood that Israeli forces still They had not ordered an evacuation and that it was hosting hundreds of displaced people.

Images spread on Palestinian social networks show a large fire caused by the bombing aerial over the temporary tents in Tal al Sultan. “We are aware of reports indicating that, as a result of the attack and the fire that started, several civilians in the area were injured. The incident is under review,” the Israeli Army acknowledged about the attack.

“Never before in history has such a large number of tools been used. mass slaughter in front of the world as is happening now in Gaza, where the population is deprived of water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel, crushing the infrastructure and destroying all institutions,” the Gaza Ministry of Health has denounced. According to its data, In the last 24 hours, 190 Palestinians have died in new massacres, including this one in the supposed “safe zone” of the camps west of the city of Rafah.

The Israeli attack on Rafah occurs hours after Hamas launched from that point in the Strip, according to the Army, eight rockets towards central Israelincluding Tel Aviv, for the first time in several months, an attack that did not cause serious damage or injuries.

Also the spokesperson for the president of the Palestinian National AuthorityNabil Abu Rudeina, has condemned this “deliberate attack by the occupation army” on tents of displaced people in Rafah, causing a “massacre that has exceeded all limits and requires urgent intervention to immediately stop these crimes against the Palestinian people.”

In the West Bank, hundreds of Palestinians have taken to the streets in various cities, including hot spots such as Jenin or Tulkarem, in protest for this attack, which occurs after last Friday the international Court of Justice will command Israel immediately stop its offensive in Rafahbefore which the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu has turned a deaf ear.